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How The Story Goes

The goons(which is a good thing to be, by the way) of Sum 41 were all in separate rival bands in their high school in Toronto. Realizing they needed each other, they joined forces on the 41st day of summer (hence the name, Sum 41.)
So how the heck did they get to where they are today? The boys landed a record deal in December of 1999 thanks to the help of their hilarious home video, featuring spiffy dancing, a live show and squirt guns. Bizzy, Stevo, Cone, and Brownsound recorded their first EP, Half Hour Of Power. With their hit single and music video for "Makes No Difference" (which features rapper DMX) Sum 41 was well on their way to fame. They began to tour, with such acts as The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and The Offspring.
A new album was in the making for Sum 41. All Killer, No Filler was released May 8 of 2001. It was the help of the first single "Fat Lip" that made Sum 41 a house-hold name. With its phat guitar sounds, the song was quick to be played on radio stations everywhere. MTV show TRL joined the bandwagon and played Sum 41's video. It even went to #1!!!
What does a Sum 41 mom have to say about their success? "Well, the guys always figured rock'n roll would get them girls. I always told them they were way too ugly to be interested in girls, and I was right."

Random facts...
~When Deryck was in school, he would tell his teachers he was a Special Education student. He wouldn't have to take tests, and when he did he got to go into serarate rooms to take open note tests!

~Stevo says his favorite thing in the world is panties..."dirty, wet panties"...eww!

~The boys wear "manties", man panties, on occasion.

~DMX was in their video for "Makes No Difference."

~Sum 41 is from Ajax, Ontario, home to 67,000 people.

~The guys of SR-71 tried to get in a fight with Stevo on one of their tours. Deryck said in an interview with Guitar World Magazine: "People used to confuse us with SR-71. But then they realized we aren't pussies." You be the judge on if they're friends or not...

~Sum 41 says they usually get a 40 of vodka, a 40 of Jack Daniels, beer, fruit, gum, socks, meat, tea and soda for their tour bus.

~"When people don't like the music I like, they just don't have any taste." - Stevo

~Sum 41 once mattress-surfed in the pool of a hotel.